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A core part of our business is the supply and delivery of fasteners to businesses including manufacturing, contractors and retail sales.

Ranging from the common 'nut and bolt' in Stainless BZP, to the more specialist and complicated fittings, our range can be offered as single items to much larger quantities. Our import quantity can reach as high as 16,000,000 units, offering bulk imports to the manufacturing sector.

Our comprehensive range of fasteners is available in numerous materials including steel, stainless steel, brass, titanium and copper. Whatever the application - whether it's fasteners for sheet metal or fasteners for timber - South West Consumables are sure to have the solution.

Particularly suited to fabrication, construction, engineering and manufacturing industries, our range is competitively priced and reinforced with our expert knowledge and experience.

This is why we've become a leading supplier of fasteners to industry in North Devon.

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